CSO Partners for Change



UNECE Regional Meeting on ICPD+25

Civil Society Consultation

Partners for change: Civil society engagement in ICPD+25 in the UNECE region

Warwick Hotel
Rue de Lausanne 14
1201 Geneva

Sunday 30 September 2018
08.30 – 18.00

“The objective of the CSO consultation is to provide CSO vision on progress made during the past five years since ICPD Beyond 2014 in the region; to translate commitments into action; and to develop priorities for follow-up”


Mont Blanc & Jura


Foyer Mezzanine

Registration (Coffee & tea served)

09.00 – 09.45

Welcome  and introduction, expected outcomes, and perspective/history of the meeting
Marianne Haslegrave, Commonwealth Medical Trust (Commat)

ICPD+25… where we are now and where we are going?
A conversation with Dereje Wordofa, Deputy Executive Director UNFPA


09.45 – 10.45

Keynote panel: 20+5 – Setting the Scene: Changes, progress, and challenges, and ideas on new ways to address them
Moderator: Nurgul Dzhanaeva, Forum  of Women’s NGOs of Kygyzstan

CSO perspectives on the political, economic and social aspects of the ICPD Agenda in the UNECE Region during the past five years, since ICPD Beyond 2014: 

  • Political context: the anti-rights and anti-choice agenda and movement
    Neil Datta, European Parliamentary Forum

  • Legal and Policy context: Progress, regression and risks
    Leah Hoctor, Center for Reproductive Rights

  • Youth perspective on SRHR –how to work on new feminism and linking to human rights and SRHR
    Pauline Mukanza, European Women’s Lobby

  • Underserved and discriminated against : challenges and progress
    Lena Luyckfasseel IPPF EN


Discussion in plenary

10.45 – 11.00

Foyer Mezzanine

Tea / coffee / refreshments

11.00 – 11.45

Panel: Introducing the conference themes
Moderator: Medea Khmelidze, Astra Network

This session will provide an opportunity to consider the three themes for the UNECE Conference from a CSO perspective: 

  • Population Dynamics and Sustainable Development
    Eduard Jongstra, Population & Development Adviser, UNFPA EECA Region

  • Families, Sexual and Reproductive Health over the life course
    Viktor Damjanovski, YSAFE

  • Inequalities, Social Inclusion and Rights
    Tatiana Sorocan HelpAge Moldova


11.45 – 13.00

Group work on three themes

13.00 – 13.45

Foyer Mezzanine


14:00 – 14:45

Report back from group work and first inputs for CSO statement
Moderator: An Huybrechts, IPPF-EN

14.45 – 16.15

Panel: Making changes – ICPD+25 looking forwards…
Moderator: Yvonne Bogaarts, Rutgers

Now that we have an overview of the big picture of the region as well as inputs about the national level and how CSOs can engage to move the agenda forward from ICPD+25, we will look at strategies and key issues to promote our agenda at both national and regional level, as CSOs and with our partners.

  • Accountability – what it means for governments and CSOs, using the ICPD Monitoring Framework and the Global Indicator Framework – a national perspective on how these frameworks can be used.
    Hilde Kroes,  Consultant

  • Financing at the national level in a challenging regional environment: making it work for CSOs
    Bojan Jovanovski, HERA

  • Strengthening links to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
    Nurgul Dzhanaeva, Forum  of Women’s NGOs of Kygyzstan

  • For greater attention going forward: issues including ageing, disabilities and gender concerns
    Silvia Perel-Levin, NGO Committee on Ageing

  • Youth participation within CSOs and Governments in the framework of ICPD+25  
    Sargis Ghazaryan, Y-PEER and Yana Panfilova, Teenergizer

  • Partnerships: how UN could support CSOs on the above strategies
    Marta Diavolova, Regional Adviser, Strategic Partnerships, UNFPA 

Q&A and discussion in plenary


16.15 – 16.45

Foyer Mezzanine

Tea / coffee / refreshments

16.45 – 17.30

Agreement on statement to go to UNECE Conference
Led by: Marianne Haslegrave

17.30 – 18.00

Closing of consultation

Carrying the messages forward…

  • Comments from UNFPA and UNECE
    Alanna Armitage, Regional Director, UNFPA EECA Region & Vitalija Gaucaite Wittich, Chief Population Unit, Statistical Division, UNECE (tbc)