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IV Statement

Commitment to Gender Equality and the Advancement of Reproductive Health and Youth Rights

MD.PH Ia Verulashvili (Union Women Center with ECOSOC Status)

Country made a big progress in implementing ICPD agenda in realizing SRH but necessary to improve human rights based approach.

In the field of reproductive health one of the problems is related to accessibility of contraceptives, family planning, integration of sexuality education  at school, youth friendly services, low  level  of knowledge about reproductive and sexual health and rights in the society.

The services provided in public hospitals are generally of low quality no choice of method, no counseling, no post-abortion contraceptive services.

Abortion in Georgia which is legal more than 50 years is characterized by challenges like the using new technologies such as Medical Abortion. However, there is lack of awareness on Medical Abortion among service providers and women of reproductive age.

We urge our  government the to refine and enhance the SRHR services with the focus on SRH service provider capacities through requalification programs to fulfil the state obligations under the international treaties and agreements for better achieving ICPD beyond 2014 indicators and 2030 agenda aims on the national level. 

In the State Strategy 2017-2020 the Georgian government took responsibility to include family planning in the Universal Health Program in the basic benefit package for vulnerable groups, youth and recipients targeting social assistance.

On behalf of civil society, I would like to express satisfaction with this move and express our hope that government will allocate funding for the important program.