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Press Release — UNECE Regional Conference on ICPD+25

The CSOs from the ECE region welcome the debate on the ICPD+25 process, on which member states recommitted to the ICPD Agenda and in particular the UN ECE regional outcome document of 2013, as well as the interlinkages between the ICPD and the 2030 Agendas. 

We welcome member states pledges to:

  • Adopt a human rights-based approach to implement this agenda;

  • Urgently achieve gender equality, fulfil women and girls’ rights and their empowerment;

  • Fulfil sexual and reproductive health and rights across the life course, including access to safe, legal abortion, and affordable modern forms of contraception,

  • Eliminate all forms of sexual and gender-based violence;

  • Ensure young people’s meaningful participation by protecting and respecting their rights and needs;

  • Invest in mandatory comprehensive sexuality education for all; in accordance with UNESCO International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education

  • Tackle inequalities, stigma and discrimination on any grounds, including on sexual orientation and gender identity

  • Guarantee the rights of migrants and refugees and their integration in the various countries in the region.

  • Combat ageism and respect and protect the rights and needs of older persons

  • Invest in data collection and disaggregation and a better and stronger coordination with National Statistical Offices;

  • Monitor progress and challenges within the regional monitoring framework presented at this meeting

We are concerned with:

  • The retrogressive policies, legislation and practices related to sexual and reproductive health and rights, especially laws and policies that restrict access to safe, legal abortion, emergency contraception, comprehensive sexuality education, as well as the failure to criminalize sexual and gender-based violence and restrict access to assisted reproductive technologies.  

  • Shrinking space for civil society organizations

  • The current levels of financing, including levels and models of official development assistance, as well as domestic resource mobilization, are still well below those needed to achieve the sustainable development goals, and commodity funding has reached a crisis point.

Richard Huggard