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9th Meeting of the IAEG-SDGs – Update 3

4          SDG implementation and monitoring

Fiji’s SDG implementation and monitoring voluntary national review (VNRs): holistic approaches for implementing the 2030 Agenda

Fiji has a 20-Year and 5-Year National Development Plan (NDP) with specific targets and policies aligned to the long-term transformation of the country. The SDG priorities, which include critical cross-cutting issues, are integrated into the NDP. The first draft for the Fiji VNR, involving consultations with line Ministries, was submitted at the beginning of 2019. Its preparation raised a number of challenges, including the need to strengthen the collaboration and discussion at the state agency level and the weak institutional links in government, private sector, general public and stakeholders. This has resulted in a commitment to improve and implement consistent dialogue with line Ministries and the integration of the SDGs into the NDP. 

Fiji’s first VNR submission is scheduled for July 2019.

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Philippines sustainable development goals: where are we now

The Philippine Statistical National Statistical System is a data partner in monitoring the achievement of the SDGs. Experience in monitoring the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) showed that 30 indicators had been achieved, while 17 were not achieved. The Philippines Statistic Authority (PSA) had been involved in MDG reporting and was able to engage in the process from the outset, with the PSA working with line ministries on indicator system and data provision. Facing a number of challenges related to data disaggregation and more frequent and faster releases of data, they started using a new sampling design that allows for estimates of 33 highly urbanized cities and three other areas in addition to the 81 provinces. Currently 155 SDG indicators are on the Philippines Initial List.

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United Kingdom -- ethnicity facts and figures and the sustainable development goals

The UK Race Disparity Unit (RDU) works with the Office of National Statistics (ONS) to map and disaggregate UK Data including by ethnicity to inform delivery and reporting on the SDGs. There are over 170 pages on the Ethnicity Facts and Figures website, of which 80 provide similar data as required by SDG indicators.

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Stakeholder engagement – Spotlight report: Comments on DFID’s implementation of sexual and reproductive health and rights as it relates to the UK Voluntary National Review

This spotlight report examines the UK Department for International Development’s (DFID) implementation of sexual and reproductive health and rights in the context of the country’s VNR. It focuses on the various components of DFID’s policies, programmes and activities related to sexual and reproductive health and rights, including family planning, safe abortion, female genital mutilation and HIV. In addition to taking stock of its performance over the past three years, highlighting key messages and identifying gaps, it makes recommendations for future actions.

The spotlight report is available here.