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9th Meeting of the IAEG-SDGs – Update 4

5          Review of tier I and tier II indicators – missing data and/or metadata

The UN Statistical Division (UNSD) has conducted a comprehensive review of tier I and II indicators that lack data and/or metadata. Fifty-six have been identified that miss data and/or metadata, as follows: 

  • 3 missing both data and metadata

  • 3 missing metadata

  • 38 missing data

  • 7 with other issues

  • 16 that have no data in database but data was received for 2019 reporting cycle.

Custodial agencies have been contacted for information as to why the data and/or metadata were missing, with responses being supplied for all but five of these indicators.

Results of review

Many of the indicators included in the review had been reclassified from tier III to tier II, and only three indicators do not have metadata. For others, data has been shared recently, but not uploaded, or is expected in the coming months. Some are only reported at the regional/global level, based on the indicator design.

A small sub-set require additional follow-up on their data collection plans. These include the following that relate to:

Health, gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights

3.b.3   Proportion of health facilities that have a core set of relevant essential medicines available and affordable on a sustainable basis; tier II; WHO; (no data available)

5.2.2   Proportion of women and girls aged 15 years and older subjected to sexual violence by persons other than an intimate partner in the previous 12 months, by age and place of occurrence; tier II; UNICEF, UN-Women, UNFPA, WHO, UNODC; (no data available)

5.6.2   Number of countries with laws and regulations that guarantee full and equal access to women and men aged 15 years and older to sexual and reproductive health care, information and education; tier II; custodian agency – UNFPA; (no data available – SDG 5.6.2 was newly reclassified as a tier 2 last year. The data collection takes longer than we anticipated. Unfortunately, we are unable to make the submission deadline for this year’s reporting. However. We plan to report the data next year)

5.a.1   (a) proportion of total agricultural land, by sex; and (b) share of women among owners or rights-bearers of agricultural land, by type and tenure; tier II; FAO (no data will be provided this year. We have data for 5.a.1 but as the country coverage is still very sparse, we are waiting to have at least a minimum number of countries (eg 10) before sharing data. The key point is that this indicator depends on new data items being collected through agricultural surveys, which is why we are making a massive engagement with countries in providing capacity development for this purpose, including through the promotion of a system of integration of integrated agricultural surveys (AGRIS) )

5.a.2   Proportion of countries where the legal framework (including customary law) guarantees women’s equal rights to land ownership and/or control; tier II; FAO (no data available – this is a legal indicator that requires a legal assessment of a country’s legal framework. On 17 November 2018, FAO sent a letter to NGOS SDG focal points (or NSO Heads in case no focal point is identified requesting their support in facilitating the reporting of 5.a.2. Only 21 countries have replied to date, only one of which (Switzerland) has provided the necessary information. We will continue to work with countries and will aim to provide a first dataset by next year. )

5.c.1    Proportion of countries with systems to track and make public allocations for gender equality and women’s empowerment; tier II; UN-Women, OECD, UNDP; (no data available – Data will be submitted by the end of March 2019 and will be included in 2019 reporting cycle)

Others requiring additional follow-up

1.2.2   Proportion of men, women and children of all ages living in poverty in all its dimensions according to national definitions (No data or metadata available)

1.a.2    Proportion of total government spending on essential services (education, health and social protection); tier II;  (No metadata available)

2.4.1   Proportion of agricultural area under production and sustainable agriculture; tier II; (No data available)

8.9.1   Tourism direct GDP as a proportion of total GBP and in growth rate; UN-WTO;(no data nor metadata available)

15.7.1 Proportion of traded wildlife that was poached or illicitly trafficked; tier II; UNODC, CITES; (no data available)

17.3.1 Foreign direct investment, official development assistance and South-South cooperation as a proportion of total domestic budget; tier I; OECD, UNCTAD; (no data available)

17.13.1Macroeconomic dashboard; tier II; World Bank; (no data available)