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Webinar for women's organizations and women activists in Central Asia and Eastern Europe

The Forum of Women's NGOs of Kyrgyzstan invites all the activists of the women's movement in the countries of Central Asia and the CIS, as well as Eastern Europe, to the series of webinars.

Webinars will be in Russian language.

1. UN system and women's rights, CSW

28 May 2019, 15:00 (Bishkek time)

2. HLPF and Beijing+25

1 June 2019, 15:00 (Bishkek time)

3. UN system and women's rights, CSW

18 June 2019, 15:00 (Bishkek time)

4. HLPF and Beijing+25

21 June 2019, 15:00 (Bishkek time) 

Please register for webinars via the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rbDlCqr5n7rg0ivtSMGR9Mrm4Xc74ZZFkTITU1j4szw/edit?usp=sharing 

Please, share with webinar information through your network members widely.

With best wishes,

Zarima Koichumanova
Forum of women’s NGOs pf Kyrgyzstan