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Your opportunity to contribute to the CSO Statement for the UNECE Conference… 

The Informal Steering Group (ISG) invites you to share your ideas, recommendations, and issues for inclusion in the CSO Statement  that will be delivered at the UNECE Regional Conference on ICPD+25 on 1-2 October.

The process for drafting this statement is now starting online and we invite ALL of you to contribute to ensure that the widest possible input and consultation reflecting our views and delivering our important messages.

The statement will address the key areas that are included in the programme for the CSO consultation.

To contribute your ideas click on the links below (which will take you to the relevant Google doc where you can make your comments, recommendations etc.)

Your ideas will be discussed during the CSO Consultation where the draft CSO Statement will be finalized and adopted.

If you are attending the CSO Consultation and would like  to serve as a member of the informal working group for the draft statement,  please send an e-mail indicating your willingness to  mh@commat.org, ahuybrechts@ippfen.org, nurguldj@gmail.com.

With best wishes,

Informal Steering Group


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